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As a marketer, creativity is the most powerful tool for growth in your control.

We help the world’s largest advertisers make confident creative decisions that lead to transformational business results.

Our advertising and idea tests measure emotion to give you the most accurate predictions of the business impact of creativity.

Enabling you to Create with Confidence.

System1 is The Creative Effectiveness Platform that quickly harnesses the power of emotion to drive profitable growth for the world's leading brands.

Our Test Your Ad (TYA) and Test Your Idea (TYI) solutions quickly predict the short- and long-term commercial potential of ads and ideas, giving marketers confidence that their creative concepts will resonate with consumers and drive profitable commercial growth.  Complementing TYA and TYI is Test Your Brand (TYB), which measures the impact of ads and ideas on brand health.

With a database of over 100,000 ads, System1 allows brands to compare their ads against competitors, and System1’s expert guidance helps brands improve the effectiveness of ads and ideas.


Intelligent reporting
Ad data reimagined

System1 was founded in 2000 by Founder & President John Kearon and has operations in Europe, North America, Brazil, Singapore, and Australia.

John Kearon Founder and Executive President
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Test Your Ad

Empowering every marketer
to create great advertising

Test Your Ad is the testing platform for marketers who want to make brilliantly effective ads. Next day predictions, intuitive metrics, and diagnostics you can use.

Test Your Idea

5-Star Innovation is
80% familiar, 20% new

Which idea deserves investment? From tweaked taglines to category-changing innovations, Test Your Idea picks winners at every scale.

Test Your Brand

Improve brand health.
Predict brand growth

Clear, predictive measures that let you understand brand health, predict future performance and improve and inform your brand strategy.


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